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Priscilla Wong 黃翠如, on and off camera.

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Behind-the-scene with Priscilla Wong, Hong Kong TVB Actress. Want to learn more about it? Keep reading it!

Things to say You might feel uneasy recording a video of anyone, but what about a celebrity? Plus it's a 5days trip with the star. That makes me nervous. Celebrities frequently don't have much free time. Therefore, when you're asked to film them, you need to make it quick and simple while also being able to build rapport with them so that you can record real behavior. As you can see, we are teaming up with the I Entertainment Group. The Entertainment Artist Company whose founder is Debbie Goh. In order to make this project a success, we actually planned out the ideas weeks ago and find the best possible timeline to finish this impossible project within a week.

Not to say, the fact that our transportation is a small compact car. Driven by the manager, we had the best time travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Perak, and more. The first thing you need to know is that we had the best company and conversation going throughout the trip.

What's the hard for video production and talent? We understand what it's like to be a celeb in Hong Kong. It's uneasy but Priscilla definitely nails it. We love her not just because she has a charming look with great acting skills, but because she had a nice sense of humor and talents. She's down to earth in reality, Famous people are often very, very different in reality. If you are a fan of anyone, try to be fangirling for the first 2 minutes and then be professional afterward. This helps to create bonding and actual professionalism towards the work. Being professional is responsible for the work. Our video is a travel show for "MYIOU", the idea is to have Priscilla host and bring us closer to know the beauty of Malaysia. Not just commercial areas but local hidden places that we, Malaysians might never know too. Which will be coming on the nearest date to come. Watch the latest __




LAST EPISODE - KUALA LUMPUR Speaking of teamwork, we are really good at helping each other. Not to mention that our hairstylist (Darren) got another job other than hairstyling but also filming Tiktok content for Priscilla. He had to think and do TikTok videos with Priscilla, and he did it perfectly as you can see from Priscilla's 小红书 and DouYin 抖音. Felix Khu, the videographer of the whole show decided to work with BMPCC6K with SIGMA 18-35MM and CANON 24-105MM F4. The color grading wasn't as much as you can see because we do not want the show to be filmic. We choose an extended log to ease the color grading process for the video editor. Realizing that "In any circumstance, I had to be approachable around the clock." The position of a videographer is a hybrid one; you serve as both a videographer and content director. Not to say I'm also in charge of video editing as well. So normally we had to discuss beforehand to check whether the content for that particular location isn't workable or not. We don't have time to waste, we have to think of different transitions, different shots, and different camera movements." All of these tasks require instant response to that certain scenario. The work is really diverse. If you are employed by a reputable celebrities company. It took about 2 months to produce 4 episodes, luckily the idea was planned in the first place. So it has gotten pretty smooth in post-editing. More episodes are coming on the way!

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