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Commercial Video Production

Standard Commercial Video Project

Our team of video professionals will bring your concept to life with this end-to-end production service.


Starting at MYR 40,000


Creative Commercial Video Production

Our team of video professionals specializes in engaging storytelling and creating stunning visuals, bringing your brand to life onscreen.

Starting at MYR 100,000 


What is Commercial Video?

Commercial video production can be an advertising video to promote a service, product, or brand. The commercial video primarily aims to be put on all media platforms to gain traffic engagement, raise awareness, acquire new leads, and increase conversions.


If you are looking for marketing material types of video, we highly recommend clients go for commercial video. This is because a commercial video's ultimate goal is to aim for marketing exposure. In short, a commercial video uses an interesting storytelling method to promote your product or service to the target audience.

Why do you need a commercial video production company?

  1. If your objective is to gain traffic and conversion to your business

  2. If you want the video direction to be in a storytelling tone to inform  the audience about your product or services

  3. If you want your audience to know more about your product or service

  4. If you want to use it as advertising material or advertise online

  5. If you want to create an online presence for your business

FAQs about ALOHOMORA Pictures commercial video production

1. What makes your commercial video production company stand out in Malaysia?

We have more than four years of experience producing 100 ++ successful videos including commercial videos in the video production industry. 85% of our clients are return clients. Our clients come from different backgrounds and industries, including Zalora, Samsung, Buro 24/7, DBS, and SOCAR. Malaysian film and television actor Debbie Goh & Hong Kong TVB actress, Priscilla Wong, are some famous individuals we had the pleasure of working with. Click here to see what they thought of working with us! Last but not least, we are here to help you produce an interesting and engaging video to achieve your business objective. We are a fun, friendly, and passionate team that you will enjoy working with!

2. What are the requirements for quality commercial video?

  1. A good video production

  2. An interesting storyboard/storyline

  3. Good cinematography, director to direct the talent, editing skills

  4. Sufficient equipment. If not, the background and lighting will be imbalanced and dull.

3. How long does a commercial video production project take?

The whole process is estimated to take 2 - 3 weeks. 


Nevertheless, it depends on the complexity and the urgency of the video. You can let us know your expected completion period, and we  Will do our best to meet your demands. 

4. What is involved in the commercial video production process?

Phase 1: Development - Review the production brief & brainstorming process

  • Based on the client requirements and information given, we will develop the video's direction, storyline, project timeline, and budget. (adding photography service?)

  • Once the client approves the idea and direction, move to the next step.


Phase 2: Pre-production - Preparation for shooting day

  • Casting for talent, venue scouting, stylist, makeup artist, set design aka decoration, video production crew, camera equipment, storyboard, agenda, etc.


Phase 3: Production - D-day

  • This is the day where we will capture the scene from the ideas. 

  • We set up the sound, lighting, and video equipment

  • Directors will direct the talent on how they can act naturally based on the storyboard.


Phase 4: Post-production - Edit the final version

  • We will turn the ideas into engaging and interesting videos.

  • We edit the video based on the storyboard, select the best footage and sequence of the video, choose catchy music and voiceover, adjust sound and colour, add subtitles, titles, and credits, create special effects, and more.

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