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ALOHOMORA Pictures Video Production,
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Let's cast the spell, ALOHOMORA!

ALOHOMORA is a one-stop creative film and video/photo production based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


We produce and direct story, commercial and corporate video, or motion picture productions for entertainment, information, or instruction. Responsible for creative decisions, such as interpretation of script, choice of actors or guests, set design, sound, special effects, and choreography.

Our Team


Felix Khu

Producer & Creative Director

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photo_2023-08-31 13.51_edited.jpg

Jaysen Cheong

Film Director


Nico Wong

Art Director

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photo_2023-08-31 13.51_edited.jpg

Xenis Ng

Assistant Director

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photo_2023-08-31 13.51_edited.jpg

Jia Rou

Production Assistant

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