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Video Production, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia | ALOHOMORA Pictures

What videography production services do you provide?

We provide all types of videography work, whatever you name it. Below are some references. WhatsApp us now to turn your idea into a video! 


  • Creative Commercial

  • Corporate Commercial

  • Branding Video 

  • Short Film

  • Artist/Influencers Video

  • Product Videography

  • Educational Video Production

  • Music Video

  • Event Video

  • Fashion & Editorial Videography

  • Retail & Website Explainer

  • Tiktok Video

  • Campaign Video Production

  • SME/Entrepreneur Introduction

  • Testimonial Videography

  • Product Videography

  • Event Photography

  • Fashion Photography

  • And many more!

What if I have no idea what types of videos are suitable for my company?

Contact us anytime! We are here to help you come up with the video you want. Whatsapp and email us now.

What if the video types I want are not in your services?

Contact us anytime! We are here to help you come up with the video you want. Whatsapp and email us now.

Why should we work with Alohomora?

That's easy! We understand that finding a great fit is vital in a videography production company. We are a bunch of young people who strive to create innovative and inspirational videos that fit your expectations. We are standing in the same boat! The video we produced, wanted the video can help you to achieve your objective. Contact us now to start your journey with us!

Where are you located?

We are a videography production based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, we are flexible in arranging shooting outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Contact us now to discuss the best video to suit your company.

Do you take any outstation jobs?

Yes, we do. However, we will charge additional fees if the location requires us to travel to other states or countries.

Do you provide a photography service?

Yes, we do provide a photography service. Most of the clients will require both video and photos services on the D-day.

Do you have a talents list?

Yes, we do. We have a talent pool for clients to choose from before the commencement of the shoot.

Do you take any urgent requests/rush jobs?

Yes, we accept urgent requests/rush jobs for all types of projects. However, an additional fee will be charged when a client requests a rush job to be completed shorter than the normal timeframe.

Are there any hidden fees?

The price is transparent as listed in the invoice, and for any additional charges, we will always inform the client before the project start, or any decision is made.

Are you still hiring interns?

Yes! Please email your resume and cover letter to

Are you still hiring Full-Time position?

Yes! Please email your resume and cover letter to


Camera Equipment Rental, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia | ALOHOMORA Pictures

Do you provide camera equipment rental services?

Yes. You may click the right top of more and click SHOP RENTAL to view all the equipment and WhatsApp us at +6018 911 1527 for more information and to make a payment.

Can we ship to collect or return the camera equipment?

No, shipping delivery is not allowed. Any loss and damage of the items between the renting period, the buyer must pay for the original price. However, you can always collect or return to our office.

What are the terms and conditions?

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