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Camera, Lens & Accessories Rental Shop

What is Camera, Lens & Accessories Rental Shop

Alohomora Rental Shop is a platform where people can rent camera equipment for a set period of time. If you are a student, freelancer, corporate employee, or any other individual looking for camera equipment for a limited time, you can rent it from us!

How to Get a Rental from Us

Step 1: Eyeing the equipment

Step 2: Screenshot the equipment or write to us about what you need!

Step 3: Whatsapp us or email us to reserve your date for renting the equipment or enquire for more information.

Step 4: Follow the below format to reserve your date and equipment


Date: 18/3/22 - 20/3/22 (3DAYS)

Collect Date: 17/2/22

Return Date: 21/3/22


Step 5: We will check on the item availability.


Step 6: If the item and date are available, we will issue you a rental agreement


Step 7: Make full payment and deposit before collecting the equipment.


Step 8: The deposit will be returned after the item is safely returned without 

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