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Stainless Black Cutter with Frame75x90cm

Stainless Black Cutter with Frame75x90cm

Stainless Black Cutter with Frame75x90cm


1 DAY - RM 30 

7 DAY - RM 24 


Stainless Black Cutter with Frame

  • 1 Silver panel frame
  • 1 Black Soft cloth
  • 29x35inch (75x90cm)


Key Features:

  • Lightweight and easy to use. Ideal for photo studio outdoor portrait product photography.
  • Double-layered edge.
  • Subtract light, weaken the picture color saturation and make the color tone more natural.
  • Terms and Conditions

    i. RM200 - RM500 deposit and rental payment required to pay before collecting the equipment.


    ii. Additional charges will be applied under the following circumstances:

    •  Late return equipment


    iii. The deposit will be forfeited under the following circumstances:

    • Any loss of the equipment
    • Any damage to the equipment
  • Instruction

    1. Eyeing the equipment


    2. Screenshot the equipment or write to us what you need!


    2. Whatsapp us or email us to reserve your date for renting the equipment or enquire for more information.


    3. Follow the below format to reserve your date and equipment

    Item: BMPCC4K

    Date: 18/3/22 - 20/3/22 (3DAYS)

    Collect Date: 17/2/22

    Return Date: 21/3/22


    5. We will check on the item availability.


    6. If the item and date are available, we will issue you an invoice


    7. Make full payment and deposit before collecting the equipment.


    8. The deposit will be returned after the item is safely returned without 


    Start your rental by clicking here! START RENTAL NOW


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