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Beyond Boundaries: Crafting #FilmMyIdea Ep2 Together

Ever wondered about what kind of awesomeness happens when a dynamic group of film buffs from different corners join forces? Well, that’s the magic we are brewing in #FilmMyIdea ep2.

So, rewind a bit. After the hype from our first episode, we heard the audience loud and clear. So here we are, diving into #FilmMyIdea Episode 2. Same rules as before: ideas from social media, lucky draws for the start, middle, and end, and the story unfolds!

Here are the results that we drew:

Opening: Waking up and find myself in the middle of nowhere

Middle: Discovering the ability to traverse a multiverse with just a blink

Ending: Lastly, the superpower doesn't work in the ladies’ toilet

This time, it's about a dude with the superpower of instant teleportation.


The Unique Blend in #FilmMyIdea

Now, let's take a closer look at the beating heart of #FilmMyIdea - collaboration. We are stoked and grateful to team up with folks from all walks, whether they are in front of the camera or rocking it behind the scenes.

It all sparked from our ingenious producer, Felix Khu.

"This is an opportunity for a bunch of young film enthusiasts to push the boundaries of their creativity. It's not about creating content just for personal satisfaction, it's a project packed with meaningful and creative value. It’s also a chance to connect with diverse filmmakers."

It's about merging the methods of everyone involved, whether they're the audience, actors, or the crew behind the scenes, providing a platform for all to showcase their ideas and creativity.

"It's a mutual collaboration - you can help me, and I can help you."

Big shoutout to HANXIN PICTURES for joining us again, it's always a blast collaborating with them! Slowfish, the talented actress under HANXIN PICTURES, dove into the world of #FilmMyIdea with us for the very first time. It’s been a joyous ride! Her upbeat aura perfectly aligned with the comedic essence of our project.

Darren Ho, the NPC of the recent Sunway Nights of Fight whose fame was all the rage online, stepped into the spotlight with ALOHOMORA PICTURES in this project.

Yue Qing, a young and creative DOP. We connected during a short film competition in Beijing, China and now we’re thrilled to collaborate! In this project, she took the camera operator role, adding her creative spin. Yue Qing says:

“Our first collab was pure magic! Exploring filmmaking together brings so much joy. Creating without client constraints lets us freely express ideas.”


Crafting Ep2's Aesthetic

Before the shoot, our DP, Xenis, crafted a creative deck. This visual masterpiece not only expressed her vision but also served as a tool to convey her ideas to the crew.

To create distinct vibes for each scene, careful thought went into the wardrobe choices for every actor. In the cafe scene, the female lead sported black-framed glasses, a canvas bag, and a checkered shirt to exude a nerdy vibe. Meanwhile, the male lead donned a sweater and long pants, embodying the friendly man attending a blind date.

Enter the toilet scene. Here, the female lead transformed into a career woman, while the male lead took on the peculiar role of a perverted character. This prompted a wardrobe choice of feminine attire for him, camera in hand.

We also put effort into selecting locations, opting for a dense forest to capture the audience-demanded 'middle of nowhere' ambiance.


Cinematic Journey of #FilmMyIdea Ep2

Our two-day shoot (November 18-19) took us to six diverse locations—football field, truck, cafe, toilet, forest, and office.

Throughout the shoot, our approach to lenses is SIGMA 50mm, SIGMA 50-100mm, SIGMA 18-35mm, and TOKINA 11-16mm to create various vibes. We chose the Sony FX30 for our shoot due to its lightweight, handiness and convenience.

Yue Qing shared a unique insight into the football scene. Using the TOKINA 11-16mm for capturing expressions created a moment of delightful discomfort, amplifying the scene's oddity.

The chaos in the toilet scene, transitioning from a static shot to a handheld approach, was a deliberate choice. Director Jaysen aimed for stability at the start, introducing camera movement as the scene intensified, adding a layer of chaos.

This time, we also experimented with green screens for the time travel and truck scenes during the shoot.

Let's check out our #FilmMyIdea ep2!

Director & Scriptwriter | Jaysen  Cheong | Producer | Felix Khu | Executive Producer | Jia Rou | Director of Photography | Xenis Ng | Camera Operator | Yue Qing

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