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BODEE Jackie Isn't Just a Music Video. It's Something More.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

A Dreamy Beginning: From Inspiration to Concept

Sources @BODEE Jackie Music Video

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a music video that grabs your attention and won't let go? Our latest creation, directed by our in-house Director Jaysen, took his first breath from the dreamy inspiration shared by the Music Composer, BODEE.

Imagine waking up from a dream and feeling like the world is stuck in a loop. Those "turn around, turn around" lyrics? They're the heartbeat of this concept. Life's like a never-ending cycle, and our Director had made it come alive. Our protagonist dives into a dream, a fantasy escape from the grind of daily life.

"I feel like we humans are just like that goldfish trapped in a fish tank, swimming back and forth but still confined within the fish tank." — Director Jaysen

Those goldfish in the music video are a wink at how we're all in a fishbowl too, swimming through life's loops. Metaphors and mysteries are our jam!

Sources @BODEE Jackie Music Video

Dance, Dream, Repeat: Filming Highs

Hold up, ever thought about dance scenes that groove just right? Well, we had some magic moments during filming. Our dance sequences sync so seamlessly, that it's like you're dancing with the video. Talk about a cool way to blur the line between viewer and story!

Sources @BODEE Jackie Music Video

Curveballs and Creativity: Challenges in the Spotlight

Here's the deal, No production is without hiccups. Our initial studio plans shifted to an indoor room. Imagine the creativity needed to turn that around! Challenges came, and Alohomora crew aced them. Setbacks became setups for new vibes and visuals.

Sources @BODEE Jackie Music Video

Circle of Dreams: The Big Picture

The final product danced its way to life with a twist. The circular concept remained, but thanks to our friend, the "mask man," things got intriguingly twisted. The abstract storytelling?

Oh, that's intentional! Just like dreams, it's a whirlwind that leaves you thinking. The dreamy aura and masked enigma? They say life's a loop, and even when you think you're awake, you might still be dreaming.

So there you have it! Our new music video isn't just visuals and beats—it's a ride through dreams, cycles, and unexpected magic.

Get ready to dive in, because when life's a loop, the story got us dreaming.

Sources @BODEE Jackie Music Video

Styling and Artistry: Crafting a Dreamy Visual Experience

Now, let's dive deeper into the mesmerizing visual elements that make our music video truly enchanting.

For our male lead, the styling was all about capturing the essence of an office worker. White Shirt, Long Pants, and the ever-present Company ID Tag.

These choices gave the audience an instant connection to his world, one of mundane routines. But let's not forget the enigmatic "Shadow of the male lead."

Dressed entirely in white, with a white mask to conceal identity, this styling choice was deliberate. It created the visual representation of the shadow, ever-present yet elusive.

Sources @BODEE Jackie Music Video

The art direction played a pivotal role in conveying the video's themes. Clocks, lots of them, were strategically placed to emphasize the cyclic, looping nature of life.

Time, represented by these ticking clocks, was always turning and turning, much like the song's message.

The office environment was intentionally depicted as mundane and unexciting, serving as the backdrop to the male lead's routine.

Then came the dream scene. Here, we threw symmetry out the window. Lopsided furniture was used to create a sense of chaos and fantasy, contrasting starkly with the monotony of office life.

Sources @BODEE Jackie Music Video

So there you have it! Our music video isn't just about the beats; it's a carefully crafted visual journey through dreams, cycles, and unexpected magic.

Director Jaysen and our talented crew made sure every detail added to the dreamy experience. Get ready to dive in because, when life's a loop, Jaysen's got us dreaming!

Sources @BODEE Jackie Music Video

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