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Fender Movies: A Good Business Move

Fenders, those rubber marvels, serve as protective cushions, shielding ports from the mighty forces of large ships, ensuring a safe harbor for maritime commerce. As a key player in the formulation and manufacturing of rubber compounds for marine fender applications, SHIBATA ASIA stands at the forefront in this specialized field. The recent corporate shoot embarked upon by our team was not just a visual endeavor; it was an exploration of the heart and soul of SHIBATA ASIA's operations.

Our mission was clear: to create an impactful, snappy, and technical process introduction video. We wanted to strip away the complexity and focus on the magic happening in the background. It's all about the incredible machinery, the brilliant minds behind them, and the precision that defines SHIBATA ASIA's work.

Our script and visuals were carefully curated to zero in on the essence of SHIBATA ASIA's daily groove. We captured the machines' rhythm, the skill of the hands crafting excellence, and the shining faces of our remarkable team. With camera moves that dance to the beat, we linked various production sites, from machine clusters to delivery lines, and dived headfirst into the epicenter of research and development.

Shibata Team Fender Creative Deck by ALOHOMORA Pictures

The Human Spark

At the heart of this corporate shoot, it's all about the people. We wanted to bridge the gap between the impressive machinery and the superheroes who operate them. Our lens painted a portrait of the SHIBATATEAMFENDER, celebrating their passion and expertise. From hands that finesse materials to the radiant smiles that define our team, our dynamic camera sweeps wove a genuine tale of SHIBATA ASIA.

Shooting in progress with workers in SHIBATA ASIA

Shaping the Vision: The Art of SHIBATA ASIA's Corporate Shoot

In the world of corporate storytelling, the vision sets the stage for everything that follows. For SHIBATA ASIA SDN BHD, the journey was all about crafting a visually stunning narrative, aligning seamlessly with the company's brand essence.

Dynamic Introduction and establishing clear process shots were our guiding stars. Our goal was to convey a compelling message and translate it into a captivating video. The camera became our dance partner, moving subtly or panning in still, stable shots to unveil the various stages of the fender-making process.

Monitor showing beautiful shots captured by our DOP

But lighting wasn't just another detail; it was a mood creator. It cast a warm, professional, and unique glow over every frame, making SHIBATA FENDER TEAM truly stand out. This visual style was a harmonious blend of people, machines, and nature, as we celebrated the synergy of it all.

A Symphony of Sound

In our corporate movie, sound and voices aren't mere afterthoughts; they play a pivotal role in creating a cinematic experience. Deliberately chosen music and voice-over highlight professionalism and convey a profound sense of obligation.

The choice of music evolved from inspiring to epic, mirroring the transformation of raw materials into precision-engineered fenders. The initial notes, tender and inspirational, reflected the natural origins of the rubber. As we delved deeper into the complexities of manufacturing and curing, the music gradually built in grandeur and intensity, reaching an epic crescendo during the final moments of quality testing.

This symphony of sound was more than just background noise; it was the emotional backbone of our storytelling, engaging our audience on a visceral level.

[Editing screenshot]

Pre-Production Challenges: Crafting the Right Script

Pre-production isn't all glamour and lights; it's where the real grind begins. For our corporate shoot at SHIBATA ASIA SDN BHD, the journey hit a tricky roadblock right from the script's inception.

Cracking the Complexity

You see, when you're diving into the intricate world of fender production, things can get pretty intense. Every step of the process is a technical masterpiece in its own right, making it a challenge to break it all down into a creative script. The jargon was too pro, too technical, too far from the vivid imagery we wanted to create.

Getting Our Hands Dirty

So, we decided to roll up our sleeves and get down to the factory floor. We went on a "recce" mission, tagging along with the workers as they worked their magic. But we didn't just watch; we listened. They explained the entire production process, from start to finish, in a way only they could. It was a hands-on learning experience, and boy, did it pay off.

Recce in SHIBATA ASIA's factory before the shooting.

Our little factory adventure gave us more than just insights; it gave us clarity. We finally understood the process inside out, and that's when the creative magic happened. Armed with this newfound knowledge, we crafted a script that could convey the message while giving our audience a front-row seat to the art of fender production.

The Team Behind the Camera: Architects of SHIBATA ASIA's Visual Symphony

Every masterpiece requires a stellar cast of creators, and our corporate shoot was no exception. Let's meet the brilliant minds and hands behind the lens, shaping the visual magic of SHIBATA ASIA SDN BHD.

Our director working with the 2nd DP, Boon Leong

The Creative Director: Weaving the Narrative

Ever wondered why a Creative Director is a must-have on the team? Well, it's all about storytelling. They're the masterminds behind the narrative, the ones who ensure every shot aligns with the core message. They weave the visual tapestry that captures the essence of SHIBATA ASIA's story, making it an engaging and unforgettable journey.

Two DPs in a team: Doubling the Visual Delight

You might wonder, why do we need two Directors of Photography and a second camera? It's about capturing the magic from multiple angles. The second camera provides dynamic perspectives, making sure no detail goes unnoticed. They bring life to every frame, creating a symphony of visuals that immerses the audience in the SHIBATA ASIA experience.

Drone Shots: Elevating the View

Why drone shots? These aerial wonders add an entirely new dimension to the storytelling. They take us to the skies, offering breathtaking views of the factory and its surroundings. Drone shots give the audience a bird's-eye perspective, making the video more captivating and unforgettable. It is giving a clearer and wider view of how the whole factory works together at the same time.

The Lighting Team: Painting with Light

Why the need for a dedicated lighting team? They're the artists who paint with light, creating the mood, atmosphere, and professionalism that sets SHIBATA FENDER TEAM apart. Their expertise ensures every shot is visually stunning, every detail is highlighted, and every face shines with brilliance.

Our director Felix Khu impressed by the giant screw in the factory.

These positions are the unsung heroes of our corporate shoot, working behind the curtain to make sure every detail is perfect. They add layers of creativity, depth, and visual magic to the final product, transforming a concept into a captivating reality.

Together, this dream team crafted the visual symphony that celebrated the art of fender production and showcased the essence of SHIBATA ASIA's excellence. From the inception of a dynamic vision to tackling pre-production hiccups and meeting the superstars behind the camera, we've uncovered the secrets to our exciting corporate shoot.

If your company is eager to transform its narrative into a captivating visual journey, we're your wingmen. From dynamic introductions to tackling pre-production challenges, we've got the creative spark to make your story shine.

Group picture of ALOHOMORA Pictures' crew with the SHIBATA Team

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