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Tired of Editing?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Editors make the best shooters since they shoot for the edit.

Look into shooting the video. As an experienced editor, you will be able to know the shots that are needed to edit a good story. It's fun to get out from behind the computer and really at the moment do something that you can't think about for 20 minutes before making a decision.

Exactly. I acted in this manner. Since they shoot for the edit, editors make the finest shooters. While I have nothing against shooters, I can't tell you how many times I've needed a shot of something that was mentioned in the script or something that a character referred to, and there wasn't a single shot of it. Or, I needed a shot held for more than a second, and they quickly moved on to the next thing.


I've received a couple of bad hands. Additionally, I've had the pleasure of working with AMAZING shooters, all of whom provide me with the highest quality material with which to work (I suspect they were an editor at some point). But as a shooter myself, I have to compartmentalize my process.

Don't let the "rushed" environment freak you out. If a producer is pushing you to shoot faster, I tell them "Do you want it done fast, or do you want it done right?". They usually shut up after that since many producers I've worked with have seen the difference between "fast" and "right".

I enjoy producing my own content because I am the only one responsible for the final product. I also take wide, medium, tight, and detailed sequences, so I have a lot of cutaways. and exits out of certain problems. I like having as much end-to-end responsibility as possible so I know exactly what materials I have to work with in the edit.

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