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How ALOHOMORA helps the expansion of elderly home?

On 23rd October 2022

We’re proud to be part of the Expansion of Elderly Home by Rumah Victory. It’s time to give, support the charity event and make a video as giving back to the community! It’s our first CSR with the interns.

ALO.P was lucky enough to conduct a charity event video shooting at Wawasan Hill, Puchong, and SJK(C) Shin Cheng, Puchong. We are delighted enough to see there are many young passionate friends and families who are willing to wake up early in the morning to participate in this meaningful activity.

We as videographers collaborate with IE Entertainment, which is in charge of shooting a charity events highlight video for Rumah Victory Elderly Home, a non-governmental and non-profit organization (NGO), Their goal is to help people in need through meaningful action, to encourage active social concern and welfare for the people and the poor and needy elderly.

Wayne Cai (Left), Debbie Goh (Middle), Lynn Lim (Right) - Artist from IE Entertainment

6.30 am

We went from the studio to Wawasan Hill, Puchong with the necessary camera equipment. We started filming some moment B-rolls shot. With our extra crew to shoot behind-the-scenes footage of everything. Since this is a climbing activity, we prep as least equipment as we can as we know. It takes enormous effort and manpower to bring all this equipment.

But with Sony A7sii with Canon 50mm 1.8 and Rode Wireless Go mic is more than enough to capture the best moments of everyone. However, our crew aka Intern tried their very best to think of the direction for the BTS video, Just a simple iPhone is simple enough to take all BTS clips. During the climb, we captured some nice shots of the celebrity and also other participants.

10.00 am

End of the climbing, After a short rest, we drove to SJK(C) Shin Cheng, Puchong for the charity Bazaar. When we arrived, the ceremony opening had almost started, our videographer quickly record some crucial shots, and others capture some behind the scene. We have taken some B-rolls of food, and clothes. Moments shots from people preparing the food, preparing the commodities, etc.

Most of the time, our videographer uses the Canon 24-105mm F2.8 lens to shoot, Usually, in a hectic situation, the zoom lens is more suitable and flexible, and can better capture the content of some activities and bokeh background at the same time.

01.00 pm

We start the last session, which is an interview session where we will ask celebrities, event workers, and some members of the public.


  • Tips for doing charity?

  • Did you have a good harvest today?

  • What do you think of this charity event?

  • Do you think the elderly need more care and attention?

  • Do you young people have any ideas about doing charity?

  • Is there anything you can urge people to do about supporting charity sales or doing charity work?

  • Do you each have an opinion about this charitable activity of extending the home for the elderly?

We have prepared microphones for the interviewees, the microphone is Rode Wireless Go ll, which is best for the voice of the income interviewer. One of our crew will hold a microphone and place it on the interviewer's chest position in order not to earn a popping sound, and the other part of the microphone will place on top of the camera. Another crew would put the light at a 45° angle in front of the interviewer, which would make the interviewer's features more three-dimensional.

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