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Ways to create a captivating online course

1. Make it brief and easily readable.

To prevent individuals from feeling overwhelmed, a crucial component of our approach is to break activities down into smaller components. Our team applies this strategy to their films by making sure that each video lesson is succinct, sharable, and segmented. Less than two-thirds of the time needed to read the book is needed to watch the course, and each video is under 10 minutes long.

The key to attracting viewers is to keep your course brief and easy to navigate, regardless of the type of courses you're building. Make an effort to keep each video's runtime brief and its subject narrow.

2. Give the people what they want

A lot of social listening was also practiced. People would frequently DM us or leave comments on our stories asking, "How can I do this? How do I carry that out? That certainly helped us comprehend the needs and wants of our followers.

3. Make it visual

We like to explain everything in-depth via video because, for those who learn best visually, words on a page just don't cut it. “ Conclusion: Whenever possible, use show, don't tell' while creating your own courses. This kind of visual is much, much better than just reading a book.

4. Prioritize accessibility

This training is a fantastic offering for our audience because we can't ship internationally currently. Whereas our more material products can't, it can reach our clients abroad. It allows us to go farther instead of just Malaysia. It can go global.

The key to extending your reach and improving accessibility is to offer resources like audio descriptions and subtitles, whether or not you are targeting a worldwide audience.

The main course is your video course, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't serve it with a few enticing sides, too. Think about additional needs your audience may have while traveling, and meet those needs!

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