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How Alohomora Celebrate Chinese New Year?

What's Chinese New Year really about?

Chinese New Year, is a festive season where family and friends come together to celebrate prosperous days.

There are a few insights that come to mind when we think of Chinese New Year, putting up decorations, having reunion dinners, lion dances and the list goes on. But of course, the New Year's celebration is focused on letting go of the bad and the old and bringing in the good and the new.

What youngsters may face nowadays during Chinese New Year?

Ahh, whenever we hear about the Chinese New Year coming, there is always a thought that comes to mind, red packets and the so-called "questions" asked by relatives, especially if you're in your twenties. It may be the "what job or studies are you doing now?" question or the infamous "do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?" question.

It doesn't come as a surprise whenever we youngsters get asked about our personal lives in general. Let's take a look at what the team of Alo.P had in mind.

How Alohomora prepared for the upcoming Chinese New Year?

After a few days of brainstorming, the team came up with 3 ideas on what the usuals are done during Chinese New Year, the snacks, the games, and of course, the red packets received.

How did these projects came to life you may ask? Well apparently the team here knows and has been through it, so we decided to make it into content that is quite comedic.

We went "CNY shopping" for this project to make it look more festive and had fun playing around at the store.

Behind the scenes on "Xiao Li Appearance".

The videos feature an Asian woman named "Xiao Li", she's appeared in a cute CNY outfit attempting to eat new year's snacks, play poker cards and receive red packets.

With Chinese background music playing in the background, a Mandarin-speaking voiceover kicks in: "This is Xiao Li" — to interaction with Xiao Li. The videos are more towards the comedic side of CNY and are easily relatable to us.

Queenie Khu as Xiao Li >

Xiao Li apparently is seen struggling in certain situations like opening a walnut, which she unexpectedly thought she was going to eat her favorite seaweed snack but instead, she got the walnuts.

She also played poker which she thought she would win by greedily taking another card but lost instead.

< Director Jaysen Cheong directing Queenie Khu (Xiao Li) for the act.

While the narrator talked about what she's supposed to do, he also said some sarcastic jokes to tease Xiao Li for her struggles. Xiao Li gets annoyed and is so done with what she's dealing with.

There were lots of laughs on set when Xiao Li seemed to go through struggle by struggle. But thanks to the professionalism of the team, the shoot was done in a short amount of time. Kudos to the lovely actress and also the team of Alo.P!

Director Jaysen Cheong (left) & Cinematographer Felix (right) >


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