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Gung’s Jewellery Ads Cinematography Explained

On 21st November 2022

ALOHOMORA PICTURES participated in Gung Jewellery Advertising Shot as a DP team, our director Felix Khu was the cinematographer in this shot, responsible for shooting all the scenes requested by the film director Dexter Anthony.

Dexter Anthony, Sheng, Felix Khu

(From Left to Right)

The Lens Choice For The Shot

Speaking about the shoot, our cinematographer Felix Khu explains why he decided to use the Sigma 18-35mm lens for the shoot. He says it is important to know what frame is intended to be achieved in the advertising shoot, and understanding the strength of the lens and being able to control the shot is really crucial too. He also talks about his hesitation and choice of lens, finally choosing the sigma 18-35 mm lens for several reasons.

" We do not have a focus puller at the time, and such a cinematic shot we don’t wanna let go wide open. Initially, I was targeting to use a 50mm 1.8. However, it wouldn’t be aethestic if the shot is out of focus. I must say, the lens really covers all rounded of work with a really nice DoF, such great bokeh really put it off even if it’s on 2.8-3.2. The skin tone works greatly on Sigma lenses too. "

Felix Khu - Cinematographer

How To Highlight The Product

This was a jewellery campaign shoot where we needed to highlight the product more and photographer Felix Khu, in discussion with film director Dexter Anthony, decided to use the Star filter to highlight the jewellery and make the product sparkle no matter how much we saw.

" We want the jewellery shot to be as outstanding as ever. But ended up, the star effect works great solely on the backlight. Well, the very reason to put it on is to make sure the jewellery will shine no matter how little we can see the products. “

Felix Khu - Cinematographer

Behind The Shooting

ALOHOMORA Pictures worked as a DP team for this shoot for 8 hours, from 8 am to 4 pm, but the whole shoot was stress-free and Felix says the cast and crew made it easier. He also said about the hardest part is maintaining the crew's performance and not getting his back cracked.

“ Despite there being some reshooting for the scenes but it’s just getting better and we are literally taking backup shots only. Well, definitely I would say the hardest part will be maintaining the performance of the crew and not getting my back cracked. Nevertheless, it is a really fun shoot overall. “

Felix Khu - Cinematographer

If you haven’t seen the video, just check it out on Gung Jewellery or @alohomorapictures to see the full video and also some behind the scene!

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