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Story Behind the ICON X OMEGA Shoot

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Editorial videography is images that appear alongside online publications, which are created to help tell a story or support the narrative in the video format, with a focus on creating a specific mood or tone for the piece

A little tutorial on how to prepare yourself to shoot for editorial.

  • Has a movie, piece of art, song, vacation, or person inspired you lately? Can you create a theme or story around it somehow?

  • Browse Pinterest or your favorite fashion magazine (I’ve got a three-foot stack of saved videos on instagram) until you find an ideal video or shoot that inspires you and go from there.

  • What is your video about? What do you love? Are there any specific themes or accessories that are special to your video? There’s gotta be a story in there.

  • Do you know what outfit(s) you’ll be shooting? Does it tell a story or lend itself to a certain style or location? How can you enhance that outfit's story with props and the location?

Editorial Vs Commercial Shoot

The purpose of editorial photography is to illustrate a topic or tell a story. Journalism, editorial features, magazines, and newspapers frequently use editorial photography. Editorial photography, in contrast to commercial photography, is much more dependent on a story than it is on a brand. Therefore, the goal is to express and engage rather than to sell.


On June 16th June

ALO.P was conducting an editorial shooting at The Home Studio, Ara Damansara.

This time we will be working in collaboration with the studio as videographers, which is in charge of shooting a 10-second Instagram cover for ICON MAGAZINE MALAYSIA, promoting OMEGA, which is a luxury Swiss watches brand. We had a brief and concise meeting with the other key personnel, making sure that everything went on schedule.

After the discussion, we also had a better idea of our Creative Director’s enthusiasm to set up corresponding camera angles and lighting design.

What’s more, by composing other visual elements, including talent’s makeup, hairstyle, solemn clothing as well as the backdrop, in order to bring out the elegance and nobleness of the historic brand. Throughout the process, we have also worked closely together with the PIC from ICON, ensuring the final outcome meets their desired aesthetic.

Our videographer had been bringing his directing ability into play by leading the talents to perform and exhibiting the products in their best condition. We all had a wonderful lunch sharing Malacca Nyonya Kuih and popiah. The experience of dealing with them was great as well.


摄影 Ian Wong @ianwong1017 视频 Felix Khu @alohomorapictures 造型 Wee Chee @weecheeism 彩妆 Deirdre Chong @deirdrechong 发型 May Tan @thebackstagesalon 文字 Ellie Yeo @ellieyeo05 腕表 @omega 编辑&协调 Sally Lau @hello.iamsally

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