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Unpause Campaign - Behind the Scenes | Shot on What?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The crew of Alohomora Pictures, partnered together with Comingsoon Productions, had a campaign shoot called Unpause. There were three talents involved, Khalnifa Binti Khalil, in short, called Pip of Art, Debbie Wong, and Anne Mahes Naidu.

To prepare for a campaign shoot, it is to always schedule in advance. The director, Eng Soon (from Comingsoon Productions), scheduled and planned everything early to avoid confusion and to also ease the shooting process. A storyboard should always be the first step in the preparation process. A storyboard is like a roadmap when we make a video it acts as a visual script that directs us visually through the entire production process. Planning the video ahead of time allows us to know which shots to get and how to get them when we start filming.

The crew's first day of shooting began on November 13th, 2022. We departed early to the venue to set up the types of equipment needed. The talents involved on the first day were Pip, Anne, and Debbie (virtually).

- The crew setting up for the first scene. Eng Soon (left), Felix (right), Eunice (back).

The director of the shoot briefed us throughly on which scene is to be shot first while setting up the equipments.

- Main camera set up paired with monitor.

There were two cameras used for still shots including the BMPCC 6K and the BMPCC 4K. The BMPCC 6K is to be set up as the main camera in the direction of the subject where the subject is in the middle while capturing still footage. On the other hand, the BMPCC 4K is to capture movement shots of the subject to enhance the video outcome.

- Felix (holding camera) using handheld technique.

There were also some moments where handheld shots were needed. Hand-held camera or hand-held shooting is a filmmaking and video production technique in which a camera is held in the camera operator's hands as opposed to being mounted on a tripod or other base. Handheld shots create intimacy as intimacy is one of the most valuable tools for a filmmaker to connect the audience to a character and story.


On 23rd November, 2022, was day two of the Unpause Campaign Shoot. The crew of Alohomora Pictures together with Comingsoon Productions had another shoot with Anne and Debbie at Columbia Asia Hospital Bukit Rimau.

Different kinds of lighting were used for example the Nanlite FS300 AC LED Monolight, the Nanlite Forza 60 LED Monolight, and also the Godox TL60 RGB Light Tubes to illuminate the room.

- Eng Soon (left) directing Felix (Middle) on what kind of shot to be filmed for Anne's scene.

The Director and DOP, Eng Soon and Felix also did a quick RECCE in the hospital for a place to film Debbie's scene. What is RECCE for you may ask? RECCE is the process of visiting and quickly looking around a place in order to find out information about it.

The crew then moved the equipment to set up in another room for Debbie's scene. With the same setup for the cameras as the first day, a teleprompter was also paired together with the main camera to help the talents with their lines.

- Felix (left) and Jui Jian (right) set up the main camera and teleprompter for Debbie.

At the end of the day, it comes to an end for the Unpause Campaign Shoot. It was a great pleasure to work with the talents and also partnered together with Comingsoon Productions to produce an awareness video for this campaign.


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