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Everyone has their own roles in event video production

On the 27th of October 2022

The crew of Alohomora Pictures attended a 10th-year anniversary event of a company called SSquad. SSquad is an IT consulting company filled with many hard-working individuals with a constant learning mindset that brought them to their 10th year in the IT industry today. SSquad held its 10th-anniversary dinner at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur hotel near Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

On that day, the crew, which includes the production assistants, Jui Jian and Ai Ling, and the videographer of Alohomora Pictures, Felix Khu, was joined by two other talented and professional individuals, Korea and Chris, one of whom will be the second videographer and the other will be the photographer of the event. The crew prepared their equipment precisely for the event’s needs.

Right before the event, an interview session was held outside the waiting hall. The emcee, Gajen Nad, interviewed a few individuals including Mr. Arun, the founder of SSquad on how they achieved their 10th-year mark in the industry.

- Emcee, Gajen Nad, interviewing an individual from the Philippines that works at SSquad.

The crew worked hard to capture as many memorable moments as possible to produce the perfect event highlight video for SSquad. Felix, our videographer, used the BMPCC 4K to capture creative shots, like B rolls, food shots, and the structures and decorations of the hotel’s ballroom. On the other hand, Korea, our partnered videographer, used the Sony A7S3 to capture the event’s main highlights like the opening of the event, the entire event’s flow, the speeches, and the award ceremonies. The two videographer’s direction to shoot is different from each other as both cameras used are different. This is due to the fact that the Sony A7S3 has the feature of Fast Hybrid AF to capture movements clearly during the event while the BMPCC 4K does struggle in that area. The reason why both videographers shoot with different directions is also to avoid confusion and to ease the choice of shots during the editing process.

- Photographer, Chris (left) and Videographer, Felix (right) capturing shots of the 10th-anniversary billboard.

Moreover, the photographer of the event, Chris, used the Sony A7 III to capture photographs of the event’s highlights. Chris used two different lenses which he carried alongside him throughout the event, one of which is for close-up shots and the other for wide shots. The production assistants also did help take some videos and photographs for the behind-the-scenes of this event shoot.

- Videographer, Korea (left), and production assistant, Ai Ling (right) capturing shots of the signature board.

The event then soon started and we saw how the company, SSquad, achieved success with their hard work throughout the years.

- Production assistant, Jui Jian, taking videos for behind-the-scenes.

There were band performances during the buffet session and speeches held by the V.I.Ps. The launching of their new product was also held that very night called Ultraconnect. An award ceremony was held to celebrate and congratulate the nominees for their hard work throughout their journey. After the award ceremony, a lucky draw session was held and 3 lucky winners were chosen to receive their prizes.

Overall, the crew worked hard and the experience of dealing with SSquad was great as well.

Tips on getting prepped for an event shoot:

  • Have enough rest and energy.

  • List down what flow you’re gonna go with so it would be easy to pack equipment.

  • Before leaving for the venue of the shoot, brief your crew on what they need to do.

  • After arriving at the venue, look for and set up a power station to charge whatever equipment is needed.

  • Prep the audio equipment for recording at the PA system to ease the audio part of the editing process after the event.

  • Check the overall surroundings of the event venue to have an idea of what to shoot.

  • Make sure everything is functioning properly for a smooth shoot.

  • Have fun and shoot memorable moments or highlights. Official Event Highlight Video

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